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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the links and features from the old My Ancestry page?

As long as you’re logged in, you can now access your family trees, your shoebox and everything else that was once on the My Ancestry page on the home page. If you’ve left the home page, simply click on “Home” at the top of any other page to return to it.

I have more than one family tree. How can I access them?

You can access all of your family trees through the “My Trees” drop–down menu on the home page.

How can I see the Family View of my tree?

Get the Family View or Pedigree View of your tree by clicking on a tree name or the “View my tree” button in the Family Trees section at the top of the new home page.

What are Quick Links and how can I use them?

These are links to online resources you use often. You could create a Quick Link for a family history book you're creating on Ancestry.com, a message board of interest or even another web site.

Add a Quick Link by clicking on the "Add to Quick Links" link located in the header of most pages on the Ancestry.com site. You will be asked to name the link (optional) and save it. The link will be automatically added to your Quick Links.

You can also add a Quick Link to any web page by clicking on the "add link" button. Then enter a web address and name the link. You can remove or add Quick Links any time.

How can I customize my home page?

You can rearrange the sections on your home page by clicking the "Customize this page" button at the bottom right of the page. Move the sections up and down by dragging them to the desired location or by using the up and down arrows. When you are finished, click "Save changes".

How can I access my older Online Family Trees or People I’m Looking For?

members who have Online Family trees or People I’m Looking For can find links to these sections at the bottom–right corner of the home page under Other Links.

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